Open Source

We work on a free and Open Source project, Cobalt, which allows you to create Web and native hybrid apps in a win­win combination:
Applications are quicker to create and as smooth as full­-native apps.
Thanks to Responsive Web Design, screen sizes are easy to deal with.


80% common code base

Depending on the features, an application built with Cobalt can be composed from 60 to 99,99% of Web Code. Your app is quicker and easier to create and maintain. 


Take care of your users

Users are important. Each platform has its guidelines. With Cobalt, the user experience is respected. He feels at home in your app and stays. 


Hybrid, as you like it, where you like it

Thanks to Cobalt, you can build some parts of your apps with Web technologies and others with native ones and mix them as you like. Cobalt offers some native elements for your apps like Pull-To-Refresh, Alerts, Toasts, DatePicker and so on.
Ask us for anything else, Kristal is here to help!

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